I don’t care. I don’t care. I don’t care I don’t care. Some people are just mean, you deserve better than that. Don’t put up with all that toxicity. Drop em like flies, feel no guilt because those that deserve to be in your life will prove it. They will uplift you and you will have no doubt. Do not hold on to people out of nostalgia. It’s not worth it. Make new memories. They lost you a long time ago so stop fighting for them. Stop making effort for those that never would do the same for you. 

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I’m so grateful to have a place to live. I’m grateful to have food to eat. I’m grateful I’ll be able to pay bills. I’m grateful for good mental days. I’m grateful to be back in creating and drawing. I’m grateful for ideas and ambitions. I’m grateful for company and someone to take care of me when I’m not feeling good and can’t take care of myself. 

I love my home. I love myself. I love when things are clean. I love when I have enough motivation to get lots done. I love the gloomy weather. I love watching ru Paul’s drag race in my kigu. I love snacks. 

It’s getting better. It’s getting better. I deserve some good after an entire year of shit, abuse and torture. I will slowly gain my sparkle back. My essence will return. It’s already so much better. 

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May 4th was my birthday. I was preoccupied by moving that I didn’t make a lot of plans but it was still a fun day. 25 seems so old but then I remember all I’ve experienced. 😘

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Be it. 


Sometimes you don’t create music or art but you yourself are art. Your essence is an inspiration. Sometimes just by being you can be legendary.  

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Age 15 and age 25. 

Lots can change in ten years. I will only keep growing and becoming closer to who I am. I will try my best to take risks and stay true to myself and not compromise who I am just to please others. 


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Let yourself enjoy this moment. I’m done planning everything. I’m going to get through right now. I’m going to do as much now and take care of things. I’m not going to worry so much about the future because now is all there is. Now is perfect just look around. 

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The better it gets the better it gets. I’m grateful for rat babies. I’m grateful for videos of baby pigs. I’m grateful to feel on top of things. I’m grateful when I’m productive and remember to take care of myself. I’m grateful for morning cuddles and salty food. 

Wouldn’t it be nice if I have enough money to get through this week. Wouldn’t it be nice to create success online and sell my things. Wouldn’t it be nice to leave a legacy or not care about that. Wouldn’t it be nice if I easily let go of what no longer serves me or makes me happy. 

I am owning this! I am doing so much better. I am so excited for this year and good changes. I am more hopeful. 

Let’s do this. 

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