Take up space.




I give no fucks today.
I’m just going to play.
I’m going to do what makes me happy I’m done trying to please everyone.
You don’t need to impress anyone just make yourself proud.
I’m pretty dang awesome and need to stop caring what everyone thinks. They mean nothing to me. Don’t let what they say get to you, you are worth so much. You deserve to be here as much as the trees and stars.
Take up as much space as you want.
You are so amazing.

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Let it go.

I don’t care what their going to say.
Let the storm rage on,
The cold never bothered me anyway.

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Grateful: I get to have fun. It’s all working out. To be in love. To have water. I have a plan. I’m so good at this. I am my reason. My birthday is coming. I’m loved. Phone calls that last for hours. Knowing something for certain.
Focus in and be here now. Nothing else exists. Your to do list is being taken care of. Let life catch you let it take care of you and whisk you away. Surrender and let it be light. It doesn’t have to be as hard as your making it. It doesn’t have to be so heavy. You know exactly what you want and how to get there. Just take one step at a time. You are doing so good. I’m soo proud of you. Look how far you’ve come. You are still breathing after all that. I love you.
I am amazing. I am talented. I have so much to offer. I don’t need to be so hard on myself. I am such a babe and taking care of it. I am making something of myself slowly but surely. I am my reason for feeling good. I am living a life I’m proud of. I believe in myself. I am living for me. I love myself and I love spending time with myself. It’s working itself out it’s all in your favor it’s exactly how you want. No need to stress it’s just for fun anyway.









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Working towards my goals and not looking back. I will make the best of this. I will survive. I can’t believe I’m still here. I’m so proud I made it this far.
Grateful: beautiful friends, life is just a game, loving myself so hard, animals, I have all I need, music, I didn’t cry at work last time, cute girls, pleather, being in love, snacks.
Wouldn’t it be nice if I wasn’t scared? Wouldn’t it be nice to just play? Wouldn’t it be nice to succeed?
I love myself! I love this reality. I love what I’m doing. I love that things are working out.
I want to enjoy. I want to let life take care of me. I want it to work out perfectly. I deserve all my dreams. They are coming. I’m working so hard and I won’t settle for anything less than what I deserve and I deserve the best.
I am so proud of you. You are overcoming so much. You are so strong. You are doing so amazingly.

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Love myself.

I love myself I love myself I love myself.
I’m so proud of you. You are overcoming so much. You’ve dealt with so much. You are amazing.
Enjoy this moment. This is the best day of your life. Let the flow whisk you away. Everything you want you already have. I’m okay with what is. It’s a miracle.
Grateful to love myself in each moment. Grateful for long talks that make me feel better. Grateful to plan for the future.
Be nice to yourself. You’ve done so much.
We made it. >

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Love letter.

Thank you for getting so emotional when I didn’t want to live.
Thank you for hurrying to my side and running to me to make sure I was still here.
Thank you for staying with me until I could sleep so I wouldn’t hurt myself anymore.
Thank you for showing me that someone in this world cares about me.
Thank you for giving me a motivation to continue my life, even if it’s just for a day.
Thank you for hugging me so tight I knew you needed me.
You saved my life this week.

Thank you, I love you.

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I need to make all my dreams come true.
Work on my creative projects.
Design yourself. Design your fantasy world. You are the greatest designer.
You have designed all you have and all you are. Do not compare yourself, you are perfect.
This is where you need to be. Shine and accept the gifts you are about to receive.
You can have hopes but don’t fixate it’ll only push things further away.
Be open to receiving. Don’t worry the universe has got this one. Just trust.

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